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Vegan Tuna Salad

Vegetarian Tuna Salad Sandwich

Looking for a way to enjoy Tuna Salad without the gross, fishy taste and without damaging our beautiful oceans? This Vegan Tuna Salad sandwich covers those bases and more! I'm embarrassed to tell you how often I have this sandwich, but it's just so easy to put together and so incredibly satisfying.



It's my new summer staple dish, especially for lunch. Interestingly enough, it has the same color, the same, look, and even a similar texture to a tuna salad sandwich, but (thank goodness) the vegan version comes sans the fishy taste!

Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Macaroons

So much of our lives is celebrated with food. Let's make sure it's the good stuff. That's my goal with this post - to share these delicious Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Macaroons, and a little bit about the changes going on in my world.

Red Quinoa and Hemp Seed Burgers

The hemp seed can be so misunderstood. I probably was in that category for quite awhile, but have learned that hemp seeds can be a great nutritional boost to my vegan diet. I now eat hemp seeds sprinkled over my salads, with bananas, and in granola. And now I even eat them with my veggie burgers.

Vegan S’Mores Granola

You may not believe me, but I only recently started making my own homemade granola. Now that I've opened that door, there's no stopping me. And since today is the last day of S'mores Week, I decided to celebrate by enjoying this delicious Vegan S'mores Granola with dark chocolate, graham crackers, and veggie marshmallows!

Vegan S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who can deny the attraction to a delicious Chocolate Chip S'mores Cookie in the summertime? Graham crackers, dark chocolate chips, and marshmallows in a delicious chewy cookie is a crowd favorite. Now, with this veganized version of the recipe, it can be your favorite summertime cookie too!

Better Than Crack Vegan Oreo Brownies

I'm becoming quite the connoisseur of Vegan Comfort Food and this recipe may be the highlight of my quest to find the best vegan brownie ever. What better comfort food is there than brownies? And so it only makes sense that a vegan comfort food specialist would have to make a recipe that includes chocolate brownies, dark chocolate coconut sauce, peanut butter, Oreo's, and a crispy chocolate peanut butter topping. My life may never be the same again!