Monthly Archive May 2011

Not Your Everyday Jennifer

The next subject in my Name Project series, Jennifer Leal, sat down with me recently and talked about her name, why her parents selected it, and why the sound of it triggers giggles from her children. Jennifer is the mastermind behind the popular blog, Savoring the Thyme, and as you'll see from this interview (and its corresponding photo), she is a smile-inspiring person.

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are not just your everyday chocolate chip cookies. Of course, they're vegan which makes them different right out of the gates. But there's also a secret ingredient that I think makes them just a little bit healthier than your typical chocolate chip cookie. Finding a healthier cookie is good, but even more important is one that also tastes delicious. This cookie covers all three bases - vegan, healthier, and oh-so-tasty!

Double Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Today, a freshly-made jar of vegan caramel sauce in the fridge was partly to blame for my desire to make chocolate caramel cookies. I had hoped for caramel oozing from a chocolate cookie. However, the vegan caramel sauce preferred to infuse into the cookie, leaving just trace amounts of visible golden caramel. It's alright I finally concluded. First of all, caramel infused chocolate cookies are pretty tasty. And second, I had caramel sauce leftover which worked quite well to drizzle over the finished cookies.

In Honor of Herbs

I stayed recently with my lovely cousin, Margie and her husband Mel. Margie is a master gardener and I was in heaven taking photographs of her spring blossoms.



I could have stayed all day taking photographs of her flower gardens, but Margie had something else in mind. We were headed to an herb sale. That's right, I happened to be staying at Margie's the very day of the Webster Groves Herb Society's 40th Annual Herb Sale. How lucky could I get!

A Word for Moms

Did you know the word for mom begins with an "M" in the majority of languages? There's madre (Spanish), mère (French), mater (Latin), mama (Italian), mer (Vietnam), and mutter (German), to name just a few.



Whatever the foundations of the word itself, it's also a name. And it's one of the proudest and happiest names I have. From the moment I heard my daughter utter the first syllables remotely close to mama until today, I have been in love with the sound of it.

Mini Magic Bars

I'm beginning today with an apology. That's because I feel bad that every time I write about a recipe it seems I've had to adjust it this way or that, not because I'm inspired to do so, but because I'm lacking some key ingredient. And usually when I'm baking, it's in the evening. That means one more trip to the grocery store sounds a little like heading to the dentist's office for some voluntary exploratory drilling.



So today I started with a vision to share with you one recipe and that vision quickly morphed into something entirely different. That said, I don't think you'll mind one bit. That's because whatever the source of inspiration, the results were nothing short of spectacular!