Monthly Archive November 2011

Red Beans and Rice

Red Beans and Rice could be described as a hearty comfort food, served with cornbread and topped with a bit of sliced peppers, if you like some kick. I used to be intimidated cooking from dried beans, but now I've learned that it's actually quite easy. This recipe is just one example of an easy and affordable recipe that can also become a family-favorite!


Most everyone I meet has a story (or two) about their name. Even a name we think of as fairly common can leave its bearer with moving stories.



Case in point. When I met Julie, I didn’t know there was an inspiring story lurking behind what seemed to be a fairly common name. But sometimes the best name stories can come from the least expected places. Join me and learn more about the energetic, motivational, and beloved Julie Deily, the mastermind behind the site The Little Kitchen.

Perfect Seven Layer Salad

If you're not familiar with the Seven Layer Salad it begins with a layer of lettuce, followed by green onions, frozen peas, boiled eggs, bacon bits, cheddar cheese, and topped with my mom's secret mayo dressing. That's a lot of layers vegans cannot eat. Remove the eggs, cheese, and mayo dressing, and you're left with a 4-layer salad. Nothing to get too excited about.



But I've developed a vegan version of this recipe that is just as delicious as the original. See if you agree why we call it perfect!

Pine Nut and Chocolate Caramel Bars

I'm testing some dishes for holiday dinners so I decided to pull out all the stops with this one, Pine Nut and Chocolate Caramel Bars. What that title doesn't say is that there's a hint of orange in the crust. Orange, chocolate, caramel, and pine nuts. Hold me back, I'm ready to soar! Come join me on this tasty adventure!

Black and White Bean Burgers

Next week is Thanksgiving. You know what that means? Well, for me it means it might just be time to put away the Halloween decorations.



If your life is as hectic as mine, but you're still looking for healthy and delicious meals, try your hand at this tasty and easy recipe for Black and White Bean Burgers. Tasty, but not too time-consuming to prepare. Sounds like a winning combo to me!

Double Chocolate Craisin Cookies

There's a light pattering of rain on the window as a fall storm approaches our neighborhood. I take a deep breath after my mid-morning workout and vow to enjoy a Double Chocolate Craisin Cookie that my meager calorie-burning body will allow. It may only be one cookie, but I will enjoy it enough for twenty!

Miso Glazed Tofu

Poor tofu. It gets such a bad rap. It doesn't matter when I bring it up, people always grimace. Tofu is like Rodney Dangerfield: it gets no respect.



I can't speak for Mr. Dangerfield, but I can say for tofu that it has the potential to be something fabulous. It just takes a little TLC and the right marinade. And I'll share with you a little secret...I've found the marinade that works perfectly for tofu.