Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

A crispy outer crust and gooey center makes these Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies one of the Best Vegan Cookies of the summer! That means you might need to have one (or two) for yourself and show the rest of them off to friends and family at your next summer block party!

Chocolate Orange Coconut Balls

These Chocolate Orange Coconut Balls are not your mother's sugar-free cookies. Yes, they're free of white refined sugar, but they're not free of taste. And now that I think of it, why is it always bad to be something of your mom's? Poor moms.

Double Chocolate Craisin Cookies

There's a light pattering of rain on the window as a fall storm approaches our neighborhood. I take a deep breath after my mid-morning workout and vow to enjoy a Double Chocolate Craisin Cookie that my meager calorie-burning body will allow. It may only be one cookie, but I will enjoy it enough for twenty!

Double Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Today, a freshly-made jar of vegan caramel sauce in the fridge was partly to blame for my desire to make chocolate caramel cookies. I had hoped for caramel oozing from a chocolate cookie. However, the vegan caramel sauce preferred to infuse into the cookie, leaving just trace amounts of visible golden caramel. It's alright I finally concluded. First of all, caramel infused chocolate cookies are pretty tasty. And second, I had caramel sauce leftover which worked quite well to drizzle over the finished cookies.