Vegan Chocolate Pudding Cake

Moist chocolate cake with a delicate pudding topping is the recipe of the day. It's served with a vegan chocolate pudding and chocolate chips. If you're looking for a delicious dairy-free dessert, you may have hit the jackpot!

Banana Shake

I'm recovering from a little too much fun over the weekend by enjoying this Vegan Banana Shake. It's as if I have an insatiable need for continuous pleasure that begins …

Shamrock Sugar Cookies

It's St. Patty's Day and time to celebrate. Right now I can't think of a better way to do that than having these Shamrock Sugar Cookies with a Minty Chocolate Ganache Filling.

Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie with Coconut Cookie Crust

Have you heard the notion that we live our lives in chapters? I'm thrilled with today's chapter in my life because I'm calling it my "Vegan dreamy, chocolate creamy" chapter. Yes, going vegan is not without it struggles...but it's not without its triumphs as well. And Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie with a Coconut Cookie Crust? That's seriously what I refer to as a triumph!

Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies bring together two seemingly diverse flavors, coconut and oatmeal, with a little chocolate added for good measure. Patty Griffin sings about making pies as a way of connecting socially in the kitchen. I think I'll write a song called Making Cookies because it's my favorite thing to do when guests come over, either invited or spur of the moment. In fact, keeping some of this dough in the freezer should be on the must-do list!

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Covered Pretzels

February is a time for love which means you might not want to spend all your time in the kitchen. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Dark chocolate infused with peanut butter dipped over a salty pretzel and decorated with a few sprinkles to set the mood. It's enough to make the faint of heart grab their smelling salts, fan their face and say, "Oh my!"

Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

I think these might be the best vegan cookies. Why? Because they're rich. Decadent. Dark chocolate shortbread cookies with creamy ganache filling in the middle. Somehow eating just one is enough. You may not walk away from eating one of these cookies feeling stuffed. But you can walk away feeling content. And that means a lot this time of year when your "to do" list is exponentially higher than your "done" list.

Choco-Cherry Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes infused with cherry pie filling and topped with a Chocolate Silk Frosting? Well, that's the very definition of indulgence. Although some people might be quick to point out that vegan and indulgent are not two words you often hear in the same sentence, this recipe is here to prove otherwise. And like my mamma always says, "the proof is in the pudding." Or the cupcake.