Walnut Blondies with Peanut Butter White Chocolate Topping

This recipe is rich and elegant, but not so pretentious that you wouldn't have it on a Tuesday afternoon with a friend. The good news is…you can each have your own piece. No sharing required! Decadent walnut blondies with a rich, peanut butter white chocolate topping poured over ice cream…and it's all vegan! It's true what they say, life is good.

Almond Joy Cookies

Dark chocolate chips, coconut, and chopped almonds are the key ingredients to these delicious cookies. They're a perfect substitute for my one-time favorite candy bar. I don't eat Almond Joy bars anymore because they have milk chocolate in them. Even if I weren't vegan, I wouldn't eat them because I've reached the point where I prefer deep, rich, dark chocolate over the milky stuff. These cookies give me that Almond Joy fix with the right amount tastiness involved!

Pumpkin Crisp

Warm, delicious Pumpkin Crisp is definitely high on my short list of dishes to prepare for our Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Tender layers of yellow cake crust, gooey pumpkin and a crispy topping makes each bite a perfectly balanced combination of flavors. That translates into yumminess through and through!

Brownie Pies

When you find yourself in a post-slump anything (whether from watching your favorite annual tennis tournament - like me, or finishing up the final episode of your favorite TV show - like Breaking Bad, or simply surviving a day at the office), time in the kitchen can be the best therapy. There's nothing like seeing results of your efforts like these bite-size brownie pies. Your family and friends will further reinforce your efforts with lots of oohs and ahhs. That's my favorite part!